We practice at The Gate Inn ,Awsworth Notts
 on Wednesday nights from 8.15pm

Should you wish to book the infamous Black Pig Border Morris, we are available
(very Cheaply) for selected bookings

please  email the  details of your event

contact Phil or Steve .... blackpigborder@gmail.com


Dr. Pig - Our Dance Foreman

Marian - Our Treasurer

Nick - Squire
The side Diplomat , portable PA and teller-off of naughty dancers. Contact him if you have a complaint and he will do his utmost to insult you in a pleasant and diplomatic fashion

Dr.Pig - Dance Foreman
Keeper of the punishment register. He also beats the dancers senseless if they do not get it right. Works with the Squire to arrange dance displays for events. Contact him if you have any enquiries about our dances.

Marian - Treasurer
Keeper of the purse strings. As we are very poor, Marian accepts all charitable donations to keep our side going. Please send as much money as you can afford to her as soon as possible.
Paypal donations accepted

Dr. Pig - Our Dance Foreman

r.u is our website chappy

Phil and Steve

The organiser of our
dance outs. Contact our Bagman if you wish to book us for your event, or supply us with free beer.

Wraggy - Archivist
Keeper of all the kind words and pics that have been published about us over the years. Hence he dosnt have a lot to do. However any clippings, films, or pics can be sent to him here: kevinwragg1@aol.com

as it helps to keep his wood burner going.

R.U.Seerius -Website and Political conscience of the BlackPigs'

This person is to blame if the website isnt up to date...depending on the information given to him.